Saturday, November 1, 2014

Abracadabra! A brand new world!!! Check out "The Four Kings" by Scott Spotson

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The world is a wreck.  The economy is tanking, everyone has nuclear weapons, and there is no end in sight.  That is until a surprise visit by a group of wizards that take over everything - and I do mean everything.

Imagine if the whole world could be "reset" by all powerful beings who agree to watch over the government, can build buildings in minutes, switch to one world currency that measures exactly what you use in all ares of your life, and still has enough free time to take part in "Wizard Game Day's" that are broadcast all over the North and Central America.  This is all done with the "mortals" best interest in mind, and the wizards promise to turn everything back over to mortal control in three years.  Some people love it, and to no surprise the people that lost quite a bit of power are not happy at all.

To get the mortal point of view, a supreme liason has been chosen from a pile of applications and a few interviews that were televised live.  Enter Amanda, a college student who suddenly finds quite a bit on her plate.  Sure, she gets to hang out with wizards who can zap her into some pretty incredible places - but a nagging feeling that something may not be quite right with the wizards starts to grow.  After an incident that shakes Amanda to the core - she is forced to either resign the most powerful job a mortal could hold or stay to try to gather whatever information she can glean from the four wizard "kings" that she serves.


Spotson's book is a huge undertaking with many different ideas and possibilities that are explored.  This almost falls into the realm of alternative historical fiction because it makes a great case for "what if" thinking.  Not that I am saying wizards are going to descend from the sky and take everything over - but what if they did and what would they do?  These questions are explored and answered in a great entertaining book that delves deep into the world and scenario that Spotson created. 

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