Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Travel at the speed of "The Hyperspace Project: The Awakening" from Donald Swan

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With a name like Nick Bannon, you know that even without looking, trouble is just going to find him.  Even an innocent "trial" of his hyperspace project becomes something that can wind up causing problems all over the galaxy. 

The problems start when Nick's trial goes just a little too well, and instead of preliminary testing, Nick becomes the first human to experience hyperspace.  Which would be great - if he had any idea where he was.

After an appropriate "greeting" from a not so friendly alien race, Nick is forced to ditch his ride inside a foreign space craft.  This is one decision that Nick makes that turns out to actually work in his favor.  On board are Kymeans, almost 8 foot tall Rakozians with four arms that would make Hulk Hogan jealous, Meth breathers, and a green female Arisian (a cat like race) with a rather large secret she is hiding.  While "not so well thought out bravery" is not a quality that Nick Bannon is lacking - the sight of the 8 foot  Karg the Rakozian brings a line that had something to do with "live to fight another day."

With some handy technology that aids language, Nick soons finds himself in the middle of a galactic war in a galaxy he previously didn't even know that existed.  Things are always tough for the new kid on the block, but when that new kid has a technology that could be used as the most powerful weapon the aliens have seen - well - that kid is going to attract a lot of attention whether he wants it or not.

Nick would love to just hop in his ship and just cruise hyperspace back home, but it's hard to get to a destination if you don't know where you are going.  So while trying to figure that dilemma out, why not just pick a side and fulfill an ancient prophecy or two along the way........


I found "The Hyperspace Project" to be an immensely enjoyable read.  I kept picturing Harrison Ford, but with the Indiana Jones personality, but in a Blade Runner world as Nick Bannon.  The pacing was great, Swan did an awesome job giving just enough desription of the new technology and alien races without dragging the story into a grinding halt.  The story had a feel good sense that I got from watching "Guardians of the Galaxy" - where you get to know the characters to the point where you actually want to meet themand have a few drinks at a dive bar to hear more stories.

The dialogue and writing were top notch - and it was clear that this story was thought out before Swan committed it to paper.  With all of the rehashes (really - can we do a Spiderman reboot just one more time please.....) it is nice to meet some new characters in a new adventure - and it doesn't have to end here, since Swan already has book two on the shelves. 

Highly recommend this book for lovers of sci fi!!!

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