Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hard Luck Hank will break your streak of rolling craps on book selections

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Hank is self-employed - and business is good.  He is a hired gun living on a space station where there are more organized crime bosses than all of the Godfather series put together.  As hired muscle, Hank is a little different - he is a mutant that has an uncanny ability to stop bullets with his bare skin and heal rapidly for everything else.  This talent, well-known to all of the bosses, also allows Hank to solve many of the issues with a "discussion" since everyone knows it is pointless to try and kill him.  
And being over 300 years old, Hank has learned most of the tricks of the trade.

Lately though, Hank is having his paying jobs being interfered with by a series of crappy luck.  Killer robots have made a visit after not being seen for thousands of years, a couple of travelling mutants are knocking out all but a few on the space station by unleashing a pulse wave, blocks of a rare element which can blow up a planet is sitting on Hanks dining room table with no way of unloading it, and now the police are starting to crack down because the space station has caught the attention of the military. 
Guess who everyone is coming to looking for help in solving these problems?  You got it – Hank.  Everyone’s favorite “muscle” is no faced with solving all of this and saving everyone in his galaxy when an even worse threat shows up that casts an ominous shadow over all the other issues. 

I LOVED this book!  The characters, the setting, and the story – this author has it all.  If you think of action / humor like “Guardians of the Galaxy” – you will have some idea of the world that Steven Campbell is bringing you.  With a lovable lug like Hank (who, despite his mutation of being to withstand bullets always seems to be getting sent to the hospital) it is easy to get fully immersed into this book.  I would love to see this series made into a movie – I think it would appeal to almost everyone.

If you are a fan of light hearted, fun, and action filled sci-fi – you need to check out this series.  You won’t come up rolling craps with Hard Luck Hank!

(This was an unsolicited review)

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