Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hollow City: Nothing "Hollow" About This Book!

"Hollow City" from Ransom Riggs picks up the "Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children" story and moves it forward with the same writing that made me just fall in love with Riggs' first book.

What is so refreshing about these two books is the originality of them.  I was just complaining to a friend that everything seems to be a remake or a reboot these days.  One would have a difficult time coming up with anything even comparable to Riggs' books.

Not is the story original, but the story of how he came up with the story is awesome as well.  Riggs is a collector of "peculiar" photographs.  He used these photographs to help him create his story, but fortunately for us "normals", Riggs shares the photographs in the book as the story goes along.  He claims that they are not photoshopped at all, which makes them even more amazing if true.

The band of "peculiar" children are being led by a boy named Jacob, who only recently discovered he was a "peculiar."  His peculiar ability (each peculiar has a different one), is that he can sense the Wights and Hollows that seem to come straight from an H. P. Lovecraft Cthulu nightmare.  The ending was not predictable to me in any way (my wife will tell you I don't pick up on clues very well - but that's another story), and the reader will be waiting until Spring 2015 to see how things ultimately conclude.

The book was full of action, and it was one of those books that I made sure that I carved time out of my day to sit down and devour, errr - I mean enjoy.  And it did not disappoint!

Two small things - I enjoyed the first book immensely, but I had a difficult time remembering the who, what, and where's of it when I picked up the second book.  Riggs does a nice job with some pictures at the beginning of the book, but a short little refresher at the beginning would have been great.

Also, while there were more pictures, they didn't seem to be anywhere near as original as the pictures used in the first book.

Those two things aside, I highly recommend reading the books - then you can tell everyone how much better the books were than the movie - because this is certainly going to be made into one.

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