Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Monuments Men - Sometimes the movie felt like watching someone create art (as in watching paint dry).

I went to see Monuments Men the other night with my wife.  I had high hopes for the movie when I first went in - I figured with George Clooney and Matt Damon, that it would be very well done.  I thought it would be a serious film, my wife expected something like National Treasure.  We got neither.  If it was a serious movie, the inclusion of John Goodman and Bill Murray made it that much more difficult to find as serious.  Seriously, John Goodman going through boot camp?  Why???  And that caterpillar that was stuck on Clooney's face was more distracting than anything.

If it was trying to be funny, it had moments, but they seemed forced and awkward.

If it was trying to be a tear jerker, it didn't really succeed there either.

This is another George Clooney "All-Star Band" get togethers with all of his other high paid acting buddies.  When this occurs the outcome in my eyes is usually "Hey, let's make a movie and have some fun.  People are going to see it cause we are in it - so it really doesn't matter about plot development."

I never really felt like I "cared" about the characters, which is a shame - because I think the subject matter really had a lot of potential.  All in all - skip the theater's and just rent it if you are really bored and just need something to waste your time.

Or better yet - read the book that it was based off of.  I haven't, but I am willing to bet it is better than the movie.

Not really a fan - 3 / 5 stars.

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