Saturday, February 15, 2014

A haunting reminder.....

8:46 is a brief story that follows the everyday lives of people the day before and leading right up to the time when the towers were hit and when they fell.  The movie states that the stories were fictional, but were intended to show how "every day" people were involved and how their loved ones were affected.

I had reservations about watching this film, as that day and images of it still bring up multiple emotions for me.  In the end, I am glad I watched it.  The closing credits state that the movie was made to show how that day was more than terrorists, buildings, and planes - and on that point I think the movie succeeded.  However, I will say that there were some flaws in it.  First, the acting was flat at many points of this fictional documentary.  One could tell that some of the people may not have ever acted or had speaking lines in a film before.  Second, the film jumped around so often and to so many different people that it was hard to feel a connection to the people or their stories.

I think this film might have been better served focusing on fewer peoples stories and spending more time on each one instead of three or four minutes on multiple stories.

The one thing about this film that did stand out is that it still managed to affect me on some level.  Watching some of the brief stories and knowing what was going to happen to them still didn't lesson the emotions from seeing the images again.  Anything dealing with September 11, 2001 is difficult to watch, but in the end, no matter how difficult it is - as a country and a people, we can never forget what happened.

The movie does state that some of the proceeds of the film were directed to "Tuesday's Children."  Tuesday's Children "was founded to promote long-term healing in all those directly impacted by the events of September 11, 2001. Our mission today is to keep the promise to those children and families while serving and supporting communities affected by acts of terror worldwide"

The IMDb rating for the film at the time of this review was a 6.2 / 10.  I am giving it an 7 based on capturing the emotion and the cause.

This movie is currently available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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