Monday, February 10, 2014

Captain Phillips - Delivers the Goods!

I rented this movie because my wife wanted to see it.  I really didn't see how they could have turned this one event into a movie that would hold my attention.  How wrong I was!

Tom Hanks delivers an outstanding performance as Captain Phillip, which was a more complicated role than I anticipated.  Trying to act calm in front of his crew, while he is nervous about the severity of the situation, wasn't something an amateur could pull off.  Hanks filled the part perfectly.

I was very surprised by the performance turned in by Barkhad Abdi.  For having been his first acting role, he pulled off the role of a conflicted pirate in very convincing fashion.  His role was complex in the sense that he was stuck between trying to do his job as a pirate, not harming the captain, but at the same time showing his crew that he wasn't a coward while maintain control of his small group.
Since it was based on a true story, and already knowing how it turned out (which I won't spoil here in case you don't follow the news), I also didn't think that they could pull off any suspense.  But the movie not only kept me on the edge of my seat - I learned a few things about the incident with Captain Phillip that I wasn't aware of.  One question that I had before the movie was - "How in the world do these pirates take over these huge shipping vessels?"  Well, these third world pirates managed to do it with only four people.  How?  Well, for that you'll have to watch the movie!

5 / 5 stars rating by Nate!

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