Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Legacy of Leadership

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Alexia's Legacy by Ray White is a short book written about leadership tips that were gleaned from an amazing young woman who may have had a shorter life than everyone wanted, but lived that life in a large way.

Having worked with children for a good portion of my life, there are some that you see and know that they just "get it".  They are "put together" so well that many adults could stand to learn a few lessons from them.  Alexia seems to have been that type of person.

The 50 tips are things that many of us have heard, but rarely practice. A refresher on servant leadership is not a bad thing at all.  To quote Zig Ziglar, "People often say that motivation doesn't last.  Well, neither does bathing.  That's why we recommend it daily."

Take one tip a day and try to put it into practice - and you have 50 motivation & leadership "baths" covered.  Need help in seeing how it is all put into practice?  The author's close relationship as Alexia's mentor allows him to share examples and emails that highlight each tip.  A few of the tips are also illustrated by memoirs of her friends, providing touching moments throughout.

I have gone through the pain of losing a younger sibling much too soon.  I can empathize with the loss that everyone must have felt at the time of Alexia's loss.  White does an excellent job of not only memorializing Alexia throughout this book, but allowing everyone to attempt continue the great lessons that she was just beginning to put into practice.

One aspect of the book that was a little difficult to overlook was the frequent repetition of many of the same topics in the emails that were provided.  While I understand that they were not intended to wind up in a book like this and were written in a very personal style, it did occasionally become a distraction.

(This book review is part of a paid ad that only allowed the author "front of the line" privileges and in no way impacts the review that is written.  This reviewer did purchase the book himself, however, as he was impressed by the material and the cause.)

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