Saturday, January 24, 2015

Author Interview - Ray White author of "Alexia's Legacy"

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1.  This book had to be a difficult one to write.  How were you able to keep focused and stay in a positive frame of mind while working on this?

I wrote this book because Alexia’s dad said his only regret was that Alexia would no longer be able to share with the world.  So I started the book to help them.  I also wanted to keep myself from getting caught up in my sadness and despair. We felt that honoring Alexia and doing something she would be proud of would be a better course than feeling sorry for myself.  The more I researched and wrote the more I got to remember and learn more about what a wonderful person she was. It turned out to be very cathartic.  Every time someone comments that they felt like they knew Alexia, it makes it all worthwhile. 

2.  Out of all of the lessons you present - can you pick two as to ones that can get people moving in a leadership role right away if implemented?

Lesson #1 – Create Leadership Habits and Lesson #50 – Create Time for Family and Friends are really good bookends that can get you started. Everything else fits comfortably in the middle.  We have included 50 lessons in the book and if you have to remember all of them, you will have a tough time just being yourself. If you create habits, then over time you become a great leader without thinking about it.  Also, the most important action you can take as a leader is to create a solid support group with your friends and family. They will be there for you when no one will listen and when you reach your highest heights. Make time for them and your example will be the keystone of your leadership. 

3.  This is your second book that you have out.  Were things easier this time around, or just as difficult as the first time?

This book was a lot easier because of all the difficult lessons I learned with the first book.  I was able to utilize all the contacts I had made with the first book and had insights into shortcuts that made everything a little easier.  I also had a co-author, Austin, who helped me research, collect info, and write. Everything is better with a partner.

4.  You had a personal relationship with Alexia in the sense that you were a mentor.  What lesson has she taught you, even though she was the mentee?

Alexia gave unconditionally. Although I know the importance of that intellectually, her authenticity was a constant inspiration for me to get better at giving more.

5.  Have the lessons that seemed to have been passed to her friends and colleagues seem to have "stuck" with them?

That was the fantastic part of writing this book.  It turned out that Alexia touched so many more people than any of us ever imagined. She never asked for or in any way wanted recognition or praise. But when we started talking to people they were all deeply touched by her in ways that truly altered their lives. One of the blessings of the book was that we were able to capture and bring to light these selected examples.  There were many more that we just didn’t have the room to include, and I am sure many we never heard about. I know that personally she has had a lasting influence on my life and the lives of my children who also knew her and learned from her.

6.  What is next on the horizon for Ray White?

We are currently do research for a book on how to create happier company cultures. We are also encouraging people to download our free Happiness App.  Search MyHappiness on Android or Apple App stores or

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