Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gain insights from masters in their field in “Destiny Defining Decisions: 11 Best-Selling Entrepreneurs Reveal their Greatest Success Secrets”

“Destiny Defining Decisions:  11 Best-Selling Entrepreneurs Reveal their Greatest Success Secrets” by Aleks George Srbinoski is a wonderful collection of insights from 11 Entrepreneurs – each one that highlights a different skill or thought.  The book is made up of interviews that Srbinoski conducted as part of a radio show, as well as insights, activities to follow, and even virtual “gifts under your chair!”  (You’ll have to read to discover what they are!)  Each interview follows the same pattern, which I found to be a very nice way to section off the book as well as a very logical approach. 

What I found interesting is that Srbinoski chose one question and asked all of the people he interviewed the same question.  This approach made it very easy to compare and contrast the responses, which I think was excellent because you didn’t have to wade through a huge narrative to get right to the “meat” of the book – the author sets it up, and then slams it home. 

The question he asked was “what was the thought process behind the best life-changing decision you've have ever made?”

Srbinoski also finds a common theme that he discovered was found in all of his interviews – and that was that each person mentioned that they had to overcome fear to be successful.  The “fear” that they had to overcome presented itself in many different ways, but each one had their own method of conquering it.

Srbinoski is kind and thoughtful enough to include an extra interview at the end of the book.  This interview doesn’t ask the question that was asked in the other ones.  Srbinoski explains that this interview happened before his started gathering his material.  However, he felt that the interview was so powerful and touching that it just had to be included.  I think this was definitely the correct call, and I would like to personally like to thank the author for sharing the extra interview with the audience.

I know I didn’t get into specifics in this review about the material, but that is honestly because I don’t feel that I can relate in a short review what Srbinoski so poignantly presents. 

While this book’s title would make you think that the audience is for Entrepreneurs only – there is wisdom and golden nuggets spread all throughout this book.  What I really appreciate is that the author doesn’t try to hide them by coming across as overly professorial and talking over the reader’s head.   

I highly recommend this book for everyone!

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