Monday, December 29, 2014

A high seas tale of treachery and murder - a whale of a tale!

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Once the sea gets its grip into you, it is almost impossible for a seagoing man to turn a deaf ear to its siren's song.  Joseph hears the song, and decides to leave everything and sign up as a crew member aboard the whaler ship "Fortune".  "Fortune" might just happen to be the least appropriate name for this ship, however.

After starting their journey successfully and the crew getting along fine with their experienced captain, fortune turns a blind eye to them.  As if hunting and harvesting a whale isn't dangerous enough - when you also have to battle the plague and homicidal maniacs - well, it is enough to make a sailor wish he were a landlubber who decided to sit this trip out.

You can guess some of the author's influences throughout this book, but in the end Michael really does make this book "his own".  A true "last man standing" on the high sea's, this sea story will harpoon you right away and pull you right on board with the rest of the crew of the "Fortune".


Michael does an exceptional job in his description of the ship, and it is obvious in the detail how much effort and love he put into this novel.  If you love stories of the sea as much as I do, you will find the level of detail unmatched in almost anything else you have read.

Add to this "educational" material a story that is going as fast as a ship with a strong tailwind, and you have a novel that you just won't be able to put down.

I get many offers to review books, but every once in a while - I need to take a break from the randomness of the "list" that I have and read something that I choose to read.  "The Whaler, Fortune" was a book that I chose to read based on Wyatt Michael's other book "Revenge of the Wolf" that I was fortunate enough to review.  I loved the pacing and detail in the plot - and Michael does not disappoint in a setting that is entirely different.

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