Friday, February 27, 2015

Those are lovely, glowing green eyes you have!

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Beth, a 17 year old teenager, is not having what you would call a good year.  Her parents died, her twin brother is in a coma, and now she is shooting energy everywhere like she is some kind of Van De Graff Generator (one of those ball lightning things...).

It would seem things are not normal, but then her best friends, her recovered twin brother, and a childhood friend who is easy on the eyes all discover they are developing powers as well.

This happens at a good time, as demons seem to be popping out of every crevice.  Mostly wimpy ones, which Beth and her Guardian Warriors, dispatch with ease.  It's those damn class two demons that are a pain in the rear.  And it's not like the townsfolk can even help to save their city since the demons only can be vanquished if hit in an exact location - and that location is different for each one.

Who is behind all of this mess and why would they want to unleash demons all over the city?  I would answer the question now, but I am too busy dispatching some pig nosed class three demons that are just plain annoying me right now.


"Revelations:  Thera's Eyes Series" by Leia Kiuski is a book that would most likely be enjoyed by the young adult crowd.  There is action, magic, and mayhem tied around a romance that can't happen - all of which equals quite a lot going on.  

For a first book, it is certainly ambitious.  There were some things that I did notice.  Things happened, and no real explanation really occurred.  Some parts of the book felt "rushed" and things were glossed over.  Some of the dialogue seemed forced and a few of the characters repeated struggles over the same thing had me thinking "girl - get some medicine for that OCD!!"  

Anyways, it is a book that is certainly different and should appeal to the crowd that it is written for.  If you like Young Adult Action / Magic - then you won't be disappointed.

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