Thursday, December 11, 2014

You can feel the love and anxiety come through the pages

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Ever feel your life spinning out of control? You hang on for dear life and hope you end up face forward, and all intact when the storm ends. Situations and circumstances out of your control will come your way. We found ourselves in such a storm after giving birth to our second child, perfectly formed, or so we thought.

You grab onto trust and faith in the Lord as you find out your core essence- how you will withstand the next waves of life that will wash over you.

The amazing realization that if only our eyes could have seen all that was happening around our dear baby as he grew. As events were revealed, we saw the extent of God walking by our side, preparing the way, extending His love and comfort. We are utterly convinced that ‘Every Breath’ has been given and we are to be living each day with purpose.


Every Breath by Tracy Burkhart is a read that will take you through all the anxiety, tears, love and hope that parents go through when faced with uncertainty.  Often, we can deal with this uncertainty and crisis when we are the ones going through it, but when it involves a child the ability to cope as we normally would doesn't seem to be an option.

This short book is packed with emotions from cover to cover.  Burkhart does an excellent job putting feelings and emotions into words.  She also describes all of the steps that many parents go through along the way when faced with these kinds of events.  One that I feel many of us can relate to is "bargaining" with God.  While we might know on the inside that this isn't something to be done, I can certainly relate to the feeling of "needing to do something."

It was also a testament to the family to see how everyone pulled together and did whatever little things that they could offer to help out.  I believe that this experience is one of the reasons that led them to decide to "pay it forward" through mission trips.

Each of us must make our way in this world on our own journey.  Each person we pass by during the day has a journey and a story that we often have no idea about.  If we knew these stories, maybe we would be just a little nicer and more understanding to everyone we touch throughout the day.  Maybe we would realize that we really aren't "alone" in what is making us tired, depressed, anxious, or ready to give up.  While it is important to understand that each of us reacts differently when faced with these events, it is just as important to remember that a small act of kindness or supportive words can make all the difference in the world.

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