Thursday, May 22, 2014

Two Immortals in two human bodies chasing three swords while deciding between two boyfriends. The math doesn't look good.

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Karla was just your average shy girl who everyone could walk past and never "see" her.  Her sidekick friend was the pretty one who always got all of the attention.  So why did Paul, who every girl was fighting over, start to make conversation and happen to "appear" where ever she was.  And why was a stranger willing to fight Paul over her.  Suddenly, her life became anything but average.  

But when you are sharing your body and your mind with an immortal being and you are the last in her line that she can inhabit - "boring" can be erased from your dictionary.

Karla learns that she is a "Shielder", and while she is teaching veteran shielders a thing or two that they have never seen before, she lacks control over it.  While struggling to learn how to use her shield - she is thrust into a war that has been raging, unbeknownst to the average person, for quite a long time.  You see, Starkoffs and Shielders mix together as well as bleach with brand new red clothes.  When ever they meet - lots of red will lost (hey, I thought that was pretty clever!  LOL).
The pressure of realizing you have a "power" that you never knew you had, while trying to figure solve the age old problem of teenage girls everywhere (which boy they have a crush on), then discovering that your body can perform ninja like moves because it is controlled by an immortal being - it's enough to make anyone hear little voices in their head!  Heck, killing Starkoffs might be the easiest thing that the ex-nerd Karla has to deal with!!!

Possession of My Soul (The Three Immortal Blades)  is the debut novel by the young author Kia Carrington-Russell.  Good news to those who will enjoy this first novel by Carrington-Russell - there are two more coming!  Her talent will only increase the more she writes, but don't wait until everyone is talking about her - be one of the first to follow what looks to be a long career of writing from Kia!

 If you like Young Adult Fantasy, with a touch of angst ridden semi-romance that never quite gets fulfilled - then this series is worth your attention.


-  Nice development of the plot and characters.  Enough twists to keep your interest.

-  No spelling or grammar issues were found.

-  Good pacing between action scenes and plot development.


-  At points, I found Karla (from whose point of view the story is told) repeating her problems and difficulties a few too many times.  But having a teenage daughter myself, this is definitely in character!

-  Some things just seem to "happen" without much of a buildup.  For example, Karla learns some new tricks (such as "hearing" from the earth by draining some energy from it) just out of nowhere.  To be fair, the story is told from Karla's point of view and she is being rushed to use her new found powers in battle well before she has and opportunity explore all of the new facets of it.

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