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Lot's of management tips and topics in one handy book - Review coming soon!

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Despite little experience managing people or departments, many managers and supervisors are promoted into these positions because of their excellent technical or professional skills. Without proper training on what to do, how to do it, and why, many fail. This is a giant problem across all businesses, and this book was written to help solve it.

Managing for Success is for managers and supervisors who want to understand what their job really is, what their most important duties are, and what they should focus on to become a good manager with a successful department. It includes the best ideas the author found and applied throughout his 40-year career with 15 different companies.

The practical advice given is concise, but covers most of the manager/supervisor's primary responsibilities including hiring, staff motivation, enriching jobs, setting goal, delegation, coaching, decision making, conducting performance reviews, holding staff meetings, building trust, and much more. Chapters also cover handling workplace issues, managing a department,managing individuals, and managing your boss.

By understanding the concepts, and applying the managerial skills and supervisory skills discussed in this guide, you too can become a successful and appreciated manager.

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From the Back Cover

Most managers are promoted into their positions based on their technical or professional skills. But being a manager requires a very different set of skills. No wonder many managers fail- they were never properly trained to do their jobs.

Managing for Success; Practical Advice for Managers includes some of the best ideas the author has discovered and applied throughout his career. His advice on what to do, how to do it, and why covers many of a manager's most important duties.

This guide will help you understand what your job as manager really is, how to manage the work environment, your department, individual employees, and your boss. It will teach you how to hire, motivate, enrich jobs, set goals, develop responsibility tables, improve work processes, delegate, coach, make decisions, monitor results, solve problems, conduct performance reviews, hold staff meetings, build trust, and much more. If you understand and apply the practical advice in this guide, you too can become a successful and appreciated manager.

About the author

Steven R. Smith, R.PH, M.S., was raised in Nelson, a small Wisconsin town near the Mississippi River. He attended high school in Alma Wisconsin, graduated in a class of 37, and went on to earn a BS in Pharmacy and an MS in Pharmacy Administration, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His advisor and major professor in graduate school was the late Dr. Robert W. Hammel, R.PH., Ph.D who was a great teacher, a great mentor, and a great friend.

Steve started his career in 1968 as a Marketing Research Analyst at the Upjohn Company in Kalamazoo Michigan and then held Market Analyst, Product Manager and New Products Manager positions at Ross Laboratories and Abbott Laboratories.

Steve's first managerial position was in 1978 when he was hired to establish a Marketing Research Department at American Critical Care, a small cardiovascular drug company. Subsequently Steve held licensing positions at American Critical Care, G. D. Searle and Fujisawa Healthcare, and taught both marketing and management evening classes to adult students pursuing BS degrees.

In 1987 Steve joined Miles Laboratories as VP Business Development, responsible for licensing, business development and marketing research. In 2000 he joined Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences in Petaluma, California as VP Marketing and Business Development, responsible for sales, marketing, licensing and business development. Steve is now retired and lives in Petaluma California with Judy, his wife of 45 years.

With an industry career spanning 42-years, Steve gained broad real world experience at prescription drug, OTC drug, and pharmaceutical formulation development companies. Working for a dozen companies also allowed him to experience multiple cultures, bosses and managers, all of which were helpful in writing this guide.

Customer Reviews
Excerpt from Review by Susan Violante for Reader Views (4/14) "Managing for Success: Practical Advice for Managers" by Steven Smith is exactly what the title describes. I definitely rate this book as a must read for all professionals who aspire to be or are currently in a managerial position. I found much advice that I will be using in my own management style and know everyone that reads this will do the same!
Excerpt from Review by Diane Donovan for Midwest Review (4/14) It's all here: all that's required is that supervisors and managers be able to acknowledge that more effective management skillsets can be gleaned from the right combination of experience and logical lessons. Managing for Success provides the latter: with it, new managers can step up to the plate and get on track quickly before any other moves are made in the workplace.

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