Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fantasy that goes to the core - Innerearth by SM Coan

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"I'm on the other side of the incident." Christian W. Falconer's recurring dreams are becoming more frequent and disturbing. He meets himself as a nine year old child, and the subsequent conversation only reinforces his feeling that something about his past doesn't quite add up. Chris attributes this to the lingering effects of a coma suffered as the result of viral encephalitis during his second tour as an enlisted man in the Air Force. When he is approached by four members of a covert government agency known as the Red File Council, Christian W. Falconer knows his quiet life as a surveyor is about to abruptly change.

From the seemingly endless corridors of the Pentagon to the metamorphic passageways of Innerearth, Chris learns the disturbing truth of the vanished, the answers to the mysteries which have long fascinated humankind, and ultimately the secret to the survival of the planet itself.

By revealing the secret of the Physical to the Neuxe, the personification of the psychic realm of the planet, Chris is returned to his proper place in time, and the two opposing forces are balanced - but for how long?

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