Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wisdom passed down - are you going to listen this time!?!

Sooner or later, it could happen to you!  Anyone who has ever had to care for elderly parents will see their own situations reflected in this witty yet practical guide.  You’ll also feel like you’re right by Pam Carey’s side as she outlines 49 essential points for navigating the trials of elderly living, the medical issues, and the inevitable loss that comes.  She illustrates each point with her own sometimes hilarious and often poignant experiences.
….Paul Eno, Publisher, New River Press

Pam Carey has written a story that is a must-read for those with elderly parents. It is a down-to-earth ride that will help anyone maneuver through the vagaries and difficulties of caring for loved ones in their senior years. Emotional, whimsical, witty, practical, funny and sad, it will become your reference guide. I recommend it with enthusiasm. --Dr. Ed Iannuccilli, Author, What Ever Happened to Sunday Dinner?

Everyone who is a caregiver to aging parents will see some of his story in this book. I loved the wit and humor that accompanies the journey that all of us who have elderly parents will experience. Above all, this book should be held close as a resource and a comfort in the difficult process of helping loved ones navigate their loss of independence. --Nancy Edmonds Paull, MS CEO, SSTAR Addiction Treatment and Health Care Resources

Finally, a succinct, humorous, and practical guide for care givers of elderly parents. Pam has thrown a lifeline of 49 helpful rules and a fact-filled appendix with every possible tidbit of information to Baby Boomers for taking care of their parents. With fresh, realistic and honest dialogue, she makes all the relationships in her book come alive. The book is a must-read! --Marilyn Elzey, Editor

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