Thursday, July 24, 2014

Like Country? Me? Couldn't happen...., but it did!

I came across Robin Landry's album by sheer chance - or should I say luck?  I'm going to go with luck, because after listening to "Twenty Years Ago" and "Waiting" - I just went ahead and bought the whole album based on those two songs.  And you know what?  It is now one of my favorite albums to play on my hour commute to and from work.

She has a beautiful voice and you can tell she put her heart and soul into this album.  I don't know much about where her career was before this album, but it wouldn't surprise me if it takes off afterwards!

I was fortunate enough to come into contact with Robin through my book, and I can tell you the world needs more quality people just like her.  It's nice to know that the person behind the songs is as great as their music - it makes it mean just a little more.

It's upbeat, kinda country - but the catchy kind - not the wrecked my truck and dog ran away and spilled my beer type.  For someone who likes rock n roll, Robin Landry might just make me take a trip on the country wild side for a while to explore!

Check her out at -    and let her know that Nate sent you - don't be shy!

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