Friday, July 4, 2014

An incredible journey - check this out and support Jessica Goldman's run across the USA if you can!

I wrote a book about goals titled "How the Tortoise Became Fast:  A Fable to Follow to Achieve Your Goals."  In the book I lay out a path for people to follow to achieve whatever they determine their goals are.

Since writing the book, I have come across some wonderful stories that really serve to take away any excuses anyone has for not even trying.  This is one of them....

Imagine writing down these following statements:

My Goals:

  • I will run across the United States beginning my journey on April 16th 2014. (San Francisco to NYC)
  • I will run self supported pushing a modified jogging stroller full of camping gear and supplies.
  • I will raise funds and awareness for The Brain Injury Association.
  • I will achieve these things on a plant based diet.
  • I will have a crazy, challenging, epic adventure.

Now, just so there is no confusion - these are not my goals.  They are Jessica Goldman's goals.  And she is well on her way to accomplishing this incredible feat.  I came across her story after her team contacted my brother about staying in his Bed & Breakfast so she could get a night to sleep in a real bed.

Look at those five statements.  Those were enough for one person to decide to start on an epic journey and help others along the way.  I am sure there were people who tried to convince her not to try - that is the standard reaction from people who are afraid to admit that they are living lives that are at best "comfortable" and don't push themselves.

I know this isn't a book or a movie (yet), but this real life "Forest Gump" is a story that makes me want to sharpen my pencil and start rethinking some of my "stretch" goals...

Jessica did me the honor of reading my book while at my brother's Bed & Breakfast which he donated a room to her cause. Thank you to Jessica for signing one of my books for me!  More importantly - thank you for being an example that everyone can look to and say "If she can run across America - I have to be able to finish this 5k!"

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