Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer reading? Get lost in "The Labyrinth" by Dorian Zari

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Dan, a suicidal painter, is having trouble convincing his shrink that he’s not blind but sees through everything. Which he can. And that somewhere in the world, he has a soul mate. Which he does. Three in fact, each with a debilitating superhuman sense:  Zack, who drowns the tastes of the world in booze, Carly, a stripper who buries smells in cocaine and Sarah, a "deaf" cellist who can hear everything but silence.

When the four become aware of each other, they set out to meet. But something else wants to find them too: a monster in a suit and sunglasses calling itself the Guardian. After barely surviving their first encounters with it, their journey turns into a race against time across Europe.

Their only hope comes when Dan inadvertently has a flashback to a previous life in which he faced the Guardian. They realize that to survive, they have to relive their fatal encounters with the monster for a chance to discover its weaknesses. But remembering an entirely different life has a cost.

Armed with the new found knowledge of who they and the Guardian really are, the four hope their impending clash will be the last.

Yet even if they succeed they have to face the sinister reality of what having a soul mate truly means.

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