Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Motorcycles, Werewolves, Police - Oh My!

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The Seventh Sons of Sycamore is a short novel about a small town cop; a tall, dark, handsome stranger; and a werewolf biker gang in modern-day Sanctuary, Arizona. First, we meet the small town cop, Detective Maxim Dwyer, as he locks up some brawling bikers and pines after his missing wife. He is soon joined by Diego, a mysterious man, with a dark past and an ulterior motive. They join forces in order to take down the Seventh Sons, a formidable local motorcycle gang with a strange and terrifying reputation. The unexpected occurs, and allies and enemies are found in unlikely places.

If you enjoy police dramas and the paranormal with a human twist, this book is definitely in your realm. Note that although there are werewolves and fight scenes containing gore, The Seventh Sons of  Sycamore is not a horror novel. Overall, the plot is entertaining and consistent. Domino Finn, the author, noted that he wrote each chapter as its own short story and somehow it became a book; this was not a hindrance to the readability of the story, it flows smoothly throughout. 

There are some typical jurisdiction disputes that are expected in any story involving local law enforcement and the government. Lycanthropy is given a reasonable explanation; the likes of which, I have not seen before (points for originality!). The greatest weakness in my eyes is that the writing is often verbose; however,the writing remains clear and grammatically correct, which is always a huge joy in my life. The characters are easy to differentiate and easy to imagine while reading.

Reviewed by guest reviewer Lauren Pesci for Movies and Manuscripts.
Thank you Lauren!

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