Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When there is no where to hide - seek out "Santuary 12 (Fallen Gods Saga)

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In Sanctuary 12 (Fallen Gods Saga), author T.W. Malpass   introduces the readers to a dark world filled with dark characters.  From the impeccably dressed Mr. Cradleworth, to the patchwork creation named Clover that was born from the mind of a man going mad, and last but not least - terrifying flying creatures dropping vehicles on top of buildings.

Who is going to rescue the planet from this group of baddies?  Nine strangers with different latent powers that they are just starting to discover.  A sculptor who not only creates, but heals with his hands joins up with a blind woman who "sees" how people are going to die by mere touch.

Jerrico (whose imagination is vivid as well as deadly) meets with Barnes the dimension hopping dog and his "owner" Stuart.  Stuart is a telekinetic, which is very helpful when you are confined to a wheelchair.

This is just part of the gathering of unlikely defenders of the planet.  They are formed and led by a young girl, Celeste, who also happens to be in a coma.

If you haven't gotten the idea that this novel is a collection of total misfortunate misfits (I know misfortunate isn't a word - but it should be!), then there probably is no convincing you.

This novel is the first in a series.  Most of the novel is dedicated to building up the characters, which had me guessing the entire time as to how they would meet up with each other.  

Malpass does a great job with the setting and the characters, but the plot seems to take a long time to develop.  The blending of horror and science fiction is a bit confusing to me, but I trust that this author will go into more detail on that angle in future books.

If you like books with flawed "heroes and heroines" that are extremely well developed through the novel, then you have definitely found a book to fit your niche.  As i have read in other reviews, don't worry were the journey is headed - just sit back and enjoy the ride that Malpass will happily chauffeur you on.


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