Monday, July 20, 2015

Hard Luck Hank turns crap into.... really nothing, he just deals with it

In the second installment of Steven Campbell's Hard Luck Hank titled "Basketful of Crap", the adventures of Hank continue on in a big way.

After saving your space station and everyone on it from a crazy destructive robot, you would think that Hank could live in his apartment on Hank Ave. in relatively quiet.  But lately a lot of dead bodies have been appearing on Hank's doorstep, which wouldn't normally be a big deal except for the fact that Hank didn't put them there.  

Hank would be content just going to the diner and eating them out of everything they have, but two super fast ninja women have other plans.  They attack Hank, which is mostly just annoying, because as a mutant, Hank is super hard to hurt.  But Hank is slow and the only way to stop them is an unplanned remodel of the bathroom involving a ripped up toilet used to slow them down.

When things calm down, Hank discovers that they want to hire him.  He needs to find a women, who they really can't describe and won't tell Hank why they are looking.  Great.....

The basket of crap becomes fuller when the corporations who have taken the place of organized crime start to declare open war on each other.  Hank's normal puny double barrel shotgun isn't really useful against tanks, so his friend hooks him up with a weapon so powerful that Hank is almost guaranteed a trip to the hospital whenever he fires it.  Let's just say Hank is a big believer in the "don't bring a knife to a gunfight" philosophy.

Strange become stranger when Hank discovers that his real adversary is "Naked Guy" (named for the fact that he is always naked, lol) who also happens to be indestructible and bored.  When naked, eternal people are bored, they get crazy thoughts in their head to keep things entertaining.  Like bringing in dozens of Therezians (a race of giants) and a couple of Gandrines (a race of rock people who resemble.... rocks) to start a galactic civil war - all because Naked Guy hasn't seen that yet.

Add to the fact that the Navy is very interested in finding their lost disintegrater that could blow up the entire space station, and now Hank's basket is filled to the brim with crap.  Seems like a trip to a sewage facility might be in order....

If you are looking for something funny, entertaining, and just plain fun - you need to look into the Hard Luck Hank series.  I read the first one just because I wanted to.  I couldn't wait to read the second!  Do yourself a favor and check them out if you like lite sci-fi stories!

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